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Trailer brake problems

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Need some help. I've got a one year old tandem axle aluminum trailer, made out of state, that won't back up all the time. It backs fine on smooth surfaces like boat ramps, but when I hit any rough spot or back for more than 35 feet, the brakes lock up. By rough I mean an easy gravel drive or concrete to grass transition. Its making me crazy. I don't have alot of time to trouble shoot as there isn't enough daylight as it is, to get important things take care of. Any ideas as to a cause and fix, or someone in west or nw houston to take it to?-Tom
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Electric Surge disk

I've got a 5 way flat connection to the truck. I also have a seperate single connection from my left tail light that I used before I had the proper 5 way connection. Neither works consistently. The most confusing part is the way they lock up when I hit the slightest surface change. For example, they backed fine at the boat ramp in Baffin this weekend. But when I would back off the concrete drive onto the gravel road at the rented house, as soon as I hit the transition with the rear tires, LOCK!?-Tom
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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