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The Ronald McDonald tourny
on shore Rick won it with a Bull Shark measured to the v it was 4'9"
On the yaks There was over 40 feet of a mix of BT's Bull's and fine tooths Steve and Mathew won their money back because they were the only ones in it. I have to say fellas they had the yaks together and hammers cocked. I would fish with them anytime.
Congrates and good jobs to all.
The pics are on my website. The shark pics will be on as soon as I get them in from the contestants. There is some nice sharks!

We will be having a feed for the Ronald McDonald House on the 25th, if any of ya'll would like to donate fish or time to the feed that would be great. Hope to see ya'll there.
Be safe, Ron
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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