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Tournament Winners!

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Gotcha! It ain't that easy. You were there OR you know them.... name them and what division/place (No prize, just for fun) (this is all I have who posed for me)


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#2 - bountyhunter - 1st Place Flounder (a sweep actually)
I'm pretty sure I can name them but don't know what division...

Don't be bashful. If that's you in that picture, post UP!

We'd love to hear who you fished with, what you caught and how you decided to enter 'biggest' or 'best stringer'. Give us the scoop!
#3 Echo Duck Jr
#5 Troy Merrill

We need stats.
MudSkipper was last seen with the winners and wieghts list. I'll call him tomorrow and see if he still has it. I'm sure he didn't have it when he went to work this morning. I'll see what I can find out.
Here are the WINNERS


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bill said:
Here are the WINNERS
Absolutely, bill. I thought I'd never say this, but this thread is useless with just pictures. :rotfl:
pelican said:
#3 Echo Duck Jr 3rd place trout
#5 Troy Merrill 1st place trout

We need stats.
The #4 pic was for heaviest stringer that came in around 17# if I'm not mistaken. Believe the guy's name was Carlos.
Echo Jr definitely got #3 cause he bumped me to #4 by .5#. His trout came in at 3.65. WHAAAAAA.....:cry:
Muddskipper said he would post up weights and winners.
that trophy was sittin on my my mantle peace the first couple of days..
EchoDuck Jr. said:
that trophy was sittin on my my mantle peace the first couple of days..
Rub it in why don't you...LOL!
Good meeting you and your dad the other day, ya'll got a seriously nice rig also!

Flatout just remember with those trophies came Bragging Rights. Brag on EchoDuck jr. You earned it.
hate do admit it but the last guy with the aggie hat won big stringer with 17-18lbs on five trout. lol only kidding that i hate it, cause he was fishing with me. his big trout was 4.75lbs.
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