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How important is a "topshot" of heavy mono. when spooling shark reels. I assume it is mainly a protection against the abrasive sand bars, but if I am using 130# power Pro, is it still necessary.

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Been a lot of people lost a lot of good sharks with Power Pro. Most of the time it was because the bar cut the braid.
Some of the cut/break offs are unexplained.
Most of the time people putting heavy Power Pro on a reel think that the extra line capacity is helping. IMHO THEY ARE WASTING THEIR MONEY . You can put almost as much 130# braid on a 6/0 as you can put 130# mono on a 16/0. The 6/0 full of 130# braid is still going to be a 50# class reel with a 50# class drag, so why bother with the high dollar line.
Some of the reel makers are beginning to make some small reels that have the heavier drags that Power Pro needs but Penn isn't making anything like that except for some of the internationals.
I've seen a lot of people stick a lot of Power Pro on reels, only to later regret it.
In my experience Power Pro has a very limited place in surf fishing. It works better than mono when the weed is bad and you have a line set out just right. Other wise mono is superior. It also works fairly well on a spinning rod chuncking lures.
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