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I spoke to Mont about posting this as I hate spammers as much as you do. I have met alot of friends here on 2cool and appreciate the business I have received from the members here. We will be continuing our sponsorship and advertising on 2cool and hoping to build more relationships.

I know by reading several posts here on 2Cool, that alot of members lost their rods, reels and tackle to Ike. And I know the expense of resupplying that equipt. We'd like to help with that.

For a 2Cool members, from today thru Sunday Oct 19th, Savage Rods will be offering a 15% discount from our regular price on all our handbuilt offshore rods. All the various models are visible on our website www.savagerodsandreel.com. Our most popular rods are the graphite composite rods and our Seeker Black Steel blank roller rods, and these are part of this discount. Give us your 2Cool signon and real name in your e-mail please.

As an example: 20/40 Graphite Composite 6 1/2' rod normally $249.99, now $212.49. Or our 20/50 Graphite Composite 6 1/2' rod normally $279.99, now $237.99. These rods are very very light, soft sensitive tip with a ton of backbone. These rods will not wear you out. You'll see them in action in the gallery on our website.

If you purchase a rod and reel combo, I will discount the rod 20%. Sorry, Avet will not allow me to discount their reels.

As with any Savage Rod, you get to have it built your way. EVA rear grip or nylon slick butt, and how long; graphite or aluminum reel seat; give me your preferred lenght of foregrip. All rods are built on spine so they bend where they are intended to bend, reducing rolling on you and reducing breakage. What colors of thread? Boat name or your name put on your rod? We do not use guides with ceramic inserts as they are easily damaged or fall or vibrate out. We use stainless guides w/o inserts. From order to delivery to you takes approx 3 weeks.

For my existing customers, if you don't need a rod right now, I'll do the same for your next rod. Thank You for your business.

Because they are built to order rods, payment is due upon your order. Just call at 832-971-3050 or e-mail me at [email protected] and we can get your order ready. I take credit cards or checks for your payment.

It pains all of us here on 2Cool to see what Ike has done to our area. This is the least we can do to help our friends get back to fishing and enjoying some normalcy.

Thanks, Don
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