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Well, I took my son to a "day lease' type hunt in George West this past weekend. We had a great time. He finally killed something... a sow hog! She probably weighed about 120 pounds. He's definately a crack shot. I told him where to put it.. right behind the ear in the neck, deep breath, squeeze the trig.. BANG! Huh?!? It was kinda dark, and nasty raining when he shot so the flash kinda blinded him for a second... he then saw the black thing laying on the ground where he shot.
Yep.. perfect neck shot!
The next day, I had him lined up on a doe that morning.. twice..
He didn't want to shoot it. He told me to.. so I did, right in the head.
The next evening hunt he got lined up again, safety off and trigger ready...."I can't do it" Well.. ok. Let's go back to the camp...

At the camp that evening we cooked some of the last elk steaks I had, and let me tell you... Elk steaks, off the Hind quarter, wrapped in bacon, medium rare... Excellent! Anyways.. we (the old guys) got a good buzz, and the boys played in the fire.. until ghost story time.. ha ha..

The next morning (Sunday) the fog was thick and wet. We were sitting in the stand and could barely see the feeder. Two deer come out and I can't tell what is what, but one eventually walked up our trail of corn, closer to the feeder. Again.. I got junior lined up, "Ok I'm ready", safety off...."I can't........." So I had to go ahead and pull the trigger on this one as well. Then he tells me.. "Man.. I should have shot that deer."... :headknock

Kids.. gotta love 'em! :rotfl:

I have some better pics on the camera... this one came off my phone..


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Glad to see you and Jr had a good time! Sounds like ya got some meat for the freezer and memories that will last a life time!
Great getting the little ones out in the woods,
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