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As Christians who pray "Your kingdom come," we long to see our homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces filled with Jesus' light. The more times we spend in God's awesome presence, the more time we become changed into His likeness. Every minute that we spend gazing into His face, the more he will consume our darkness so that our faces can display His glory. Because we tend to become like those with whom we spend time, why not spend some time lingering in God's presence today? Imagine His perfect ways that can weave together a good plan for your life. Listen to his gracious and forgiving words as you give confess your failures. Soak in his relentless tenderness as yougive Him your burdens. Gaze on His kingly btightness so that your face can display His likeness. The more you spend time with Him, the more you will be changed. Then so will your world. Have a bleessed day !!
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