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Got a late start ex BHYC in Freeport Sun am 7:30 am but made up for it running a confortable 35 mph while listening to ******* misic. On board was two Troys and Rodney and me. Our plan was to head torwards Salvador Ridge and look for weedlines or shrimp boats on the way. Got to our first shrimp boat at about 45 miles. Couple of sharks to show for it, but the guys I brought along were Bay fisherman so they were happy to hook into something with some real pull. Moved over to another shrimper aboout 8 miles further out. Dropped down some bait and fish on. Not running like a king, did not surface like a mahi, maybe a ling....nope. Turned out to be a 16 lb Blackfin. Nice surprise. Motored further out and found a small patch of weeds. Troy R fishing with a spec rig and a curado with 15 lb line on an all star popping rod hooks into another mystery fish. About 20 mins later he lands another Blackfin, about 10 lbs.
Hit a spot in Salvador Ridge and nothing on the sounder. While underway to another spot inside Salvador area we spot a much better weedline. Nailed two mahi on the troll and chummed them into the boat. Brought in about 12 or so throwing back the little guys. A storm moved in and we moved out. Hit a bottom spot and dropped down some dead bait and Troy 2 hooked something big. It went in a rock and that was the end of that. Back to the weedline to top off the catch. Tried to keep this pesky shark away but he would not leave.
Final Tally - four fisherman
31 mahi
2 Blackfin
Few sharks
Cruised back at an easy 42 MPH until about 8 miles where it turned slightly sloppy. Still was able to run 32 which felt like we were crawling.
No wahoo but still a good day.


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