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Tiburon Reels

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I'm considering buying a tiburon SST reel. Has anyone used one? I have only heard good things about them. Are they good for jigging? I've been using a torsa and am happy with it but someone told me that the tiburon SST cast better. It also has a automatic two speed gear changing system.
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Hey gunsmoke-

I love mine! I use my SST 8 for jigging because it's relatively light/small, but has a lot of drag power. Also, its two speeds (hi and low) take care of the jig action (hi) and the autoshifter works like a dream when you hook up.

I've got an SST 12 that I will sell you if interested. I love it, but I need to build my topwater/spinner that I'll use more often. Just PM me if you're interested.
gunsmoke said:
What I'm really trying to say is can the 12 or 8 cast off a tuna popper or frenzy flyer as well as a spinner?
gunsmoke said:
Both the 12 and the 8 have A LOT of freespool if you want it and yes, technically they could cast as far as a spinner, IF you have an expert thumb to minimize backlashes.

Will they be as easy as a spinner (to McGolfer's point), I really don't think so. But it would depend on the person casting.

But a jigging reel, I think so.

I will probably go with the Accurate Spinner because you can't have too much drag.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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