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Tiburon Reels

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I'm considering buying a tiburon SST reel. Has anyone used one? I have only heard good things about them. Are they good for jigging? I've been using a torsa and am happy with it but someone told me that the tiburon SST cast better. It also has a automatic two speed gear changing system.
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If you like the torsa, you should LOVE the SST. They are even MORE expensive! I have used both reels and both do a great job. I don't own either of them as I think the torsa is a little heavy and I prefer the Trinidads. I also prefer shifting my own gears, but only because I am old school. Go get one, but for jigging I would suggest the SST8 or SST12 only. Stay away from the larger ones. I used the 12 and it did cast well. I didn't like the articulated handle. You choose.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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