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Tiburon Reels

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I'm considering buying a tiburon SST reel. Has anyone used one? I have only heard good things about them. Are they good for jigging? I've been using a torsa and am happy with it but someone told me that the tiburon SST cast better. It also has a automatic two speed gear changing system.
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we have caught several nice wahoo's to 80lbs and several of the samller yellowfins (70lbs and less) and the twinspin handled them with ease. i also didn't care for the handle. i had accurate make me a new handle with a power knob on it and it is much better than the knob that is cut open and not fully enclosed. i also have the stella's and they are on the bottom of my list with the accurate then the saltiga's with 6500 expedition handles added to them coming in ahead of the stella's. i didn't care for either of the stella's handles. this is just my personal preferences. i also i wouldn't fight the tiburon for casting poppers when the spinners make easy work out of the task. yeah i have a few tiburons but only in the 2 speed versions and prefer to underhand cast live baits or jigs to eliminate the backlashes.....rick
i had txseadog wrap me a gusa monster mag 30/60 and it works great with the larger spinners. i also have cape fear 20/30 bluewater spinner that works very well....rick
the cape fear is the 6"6' version.../rick
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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