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Tiburon Reels

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I'm considering buying a tiburon SST reel. Has anyone used one? I have only heard good things about them. Are they good for jigging? I've been using a torsa and am happy with it but someone told me that the tiburon SST cast better. It also has a automatic two speed gear changing system.
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Hey ragman,

Does the SST 12 cast as well as the SST 8? Is the 8 large enough to handle a mid size YF?
What I'm really trying to say is can the 12 or 8 cast off a tuna popper or frenzy flyer as well as a spinner? I gather you are looking into a nice spinner. Here's my take on a couple of winners.

I've got a stella 20000 and it is very nice. I had a Accurate Twinspin in my hands at a tackle shop. It is not as smooth as the stella. It looks very nice and seems to be heavy duty. You could probably set the drag higher on the accurate but the big stella has a great drag system also. I didn't like the aluminum knob on the accurate. I would prefer a softer knob. The stella comes with both a soft knob and a nice soft handle style for heavy cranking. The handle looks the ones on the new "A" series of tiagra's.

I'm not cutting down the twinspin itself, just the knob. I probably will buy a twinspin anyway. I haven't talked with anyone that has tested the twinspin on big fish. I'm confident it will hold up just fine. I'll wait until I hear some first hand reports. The twinspin hasn't been on the market long enough to find any yea's or na's on the boards or magazines. The stella has been proven over and over.
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Glad to hear the twinspin can handle the big hoos and YF's. I've always liked accurate products. I did not like that little round cut knob otherwise, I'd bought it. My problem is that my hands are too big. I can't even put a pair of XL gloves on them. My college ring was a size 15 and that was some time back.

That little knob on the twinspin was about the size of the end of my thumb. That's probably why I prefer the big handle that comes with the Stella over the smaller knob. That was a great idea having Accurate make you a special handle. That's the nice thing about buying a product from a USA company that manufactures the whole product. Glad to hear they were helpful, as I will need a different handle when I buy the twinspin.

By the way, what rod did you team up with your twinspin? I have trouble finding decent spinning rods. I put one of those big game spinning rods from Melton's with the seeker blank on my stella. It was the best one I could find without having one made.
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Is the Cape Fear bluewater 20/30 spinning rod that you use a 6"6", or a 7'?
I think I will pass on the Tiburon Reel you have at this currnet time. Once again, thanks for the input on the tiburon's. I believe you can cast these a mile with the right rod and practice. You might want to sell it on ebay now since there aren't any current tiburon's on ebay.

Right now, I'm all fired up about the twinspin and having a local machine shop turn me an aluminum knob that will be to my satisfaction.
Well, I just won an auction on ebay. Picked up the cape fear BW2030SP66. This is the rod you like. Got a great deal. It was the only cape fear bluewater on ebay. I think I paid 230 bucks. Retail is 385.
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