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I couldn't stand it, watching the beach all week so after work Thurs. I went to the newly opened Flagship T-Head. I caught a good mess of finger mullet that died right after I put them in the bucket, must have been something in there. Ripped my castnet but headed that way anyway. I couldn't get a thing to hit the mullet, folks with shrimp were hitting consistently as well as some lure chunkers. I thru most of what I had in the box which is 10+ different styles of tails as well as a few more things. The only thing that scored for me was the shad colored NOtron Wild Eyes, 3". I caught about 15, one keeper, rest were 13-14. After my wild eyes were gone, that was it for me, couldn't get another bite. Most keepers came off the T-Head itself.
I fished from 1-430 am. Lots of schoolies, some keepers caught but few and far between. All in all still good to get the "stink".
Cost now is $6 to fish anywhere on the property, park, or come and go as you please, 7am-7am ticket. There was a guard driving around, watching and checking/selling tickets.
passed my keeper to another cooler and left.
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