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no, I don't mean your home address or the one you actually need or use. I'm talking about getting a free e-mail address and using that one for websites that require you to give an e-mail address so you can log on or surf the site. Newsgroups are searched by spammers just to collect e-mail addresss. You use to be able to insert a phrase like "NO SPAM" in the e-mail and it worked for a while but spammers have got past that with better software. Do a search for free e-mail address and look at the choices to pick from, places like Yahoo or MSN have many you can sign up for and then use that address for the "Spammers Delight". I have a couple addresses used for this and I never bother to read anything in there, just simple delete. It keeps my home address less cluttered and maybe a little safer.
Here are a few other sites that offer free e-mail address:
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