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I had quit for a while but after some bs in personal life and at work I ended up asking for a smoke from a coworker and then it became buying again and bam I was right back in it.

But this past Sept, I just said enough is enough. So I quit cold turkey, didn't even finish the pack and haven't had one since. It was hard as hell the first month especially working around other smokers but something changes when you stop smoking. You actually see what non smokers see and smell and if that doesn't help you in your quest then I don't know what will.

Why I ever started I'll never know why I continued to do it well probably the same, I'll never know. But this time seems different. I've been through some situations the last few months were in previous times I would have asked or gone for a smoke. But not this time.

Also in the past when I saw someone smoking, a thought would sneak into the back of my mind, "Hey, that sounds like a good idea" but now I see people smoking and I get nothing, actually frown upon it.

So for all you guys trying to quit, I support you and hope you reach your goal.
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