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What kind of jighead?

I like to cut the tip off the plastic. Ill cut just enough off with scissors to square up the end. Makes it easier to hit the center. And with the BA screwlock jighead, it allows the plastic to butt up against the jighead flat. Er, hard to word that. Like this !! insted of !(

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That's An Art I've Worked on Alot...

I think I'm finally getting to have a good level of confidence. It's no real trick but you have to take it slow. What Gary said above about squaring it off is a good idea and I do it, too. I first place the jig along side of the bait and determine (as close as possible) where the point of the hook is going to exit. Using the point of the hook, I punch a small hole (visible) at the point where that hook will be exiting the bait. Having the right amount of soft plastic spread evenly will prevent the plastic from stretching too much or bunching up too much. I want it even and straight and not crooked.

Then I begin by pushing the point into the tip of the plastic as close to center as possible. As I SLOWLY push the hook through the plastic, I watch only two views making sure I remain on center throughout the thread. The top and the side. Let's say you are like me, right handed and use your right hand to push the jighead through a 3 inch paddle-tail saltwater assassin. Your left hand is holding the bait doing the "pushing." Look down at the SA from the top first and then from the side as you go along. I stop threading and check to make sure I'm still on track about every 1/4 inch always watching that exit hole so I don't exit too soon (stretching it) or too late (bunching it).

The trick is going SLOW and watching where the hook is going. If I see that the last 1/4 inch push has me going off in a wrong direction, I'll pull it out 1/4 inch and re-push. HTH.

When Albert Einstein was asked, "what does a brilliant mind do to learn how to play the violin?" he said, "Practice, practice, practice." LOL! ComeFrom?
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