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Sorry, Never Heard Of The Place...


Tin-Can Reef: Located on the South end of Copano Bay Causeway. It is on the opposite side of the road from the entrance to the South end of the fishing pier. Exit off of the road onto white shell and drive as far as possible without driving into the water. Walk past the fenceline (easy to see - the only fenceline there) and walk past it for about 100 yards. Then proceed as if you were walking straight into the middle of the bay until a little over waist deep. Start casting.

Goose Island: Pay your 2 bucks and drive to the fishing pier parking area. Walk onto and completely across the pier until you reach the steps ON THE RIGHT SIDE of the pier. The steps will take you onto an above water shell reef. Walk to and out in the water about 30 feet or so. None of it is over your head unless your a shorty. When you reach the point where the arch of the the fishing pier (I say arch for the lack of a better term - sort of a rainbow arch) is directly over our right shoulder, start casting directly in front of you. Move about freely left or right. I have started catching trout merely by moving 15 feet away from or toward the pier. There's likely to be others there too. Early in the a.m. until 9:30 or 10:00 and the again in the p.m. from 6:00 to dusk. If the tides are moving in the heat of the day, they don't seem to want to cooperate. Don't cast too far or you'll hook the outhouses in the parking lot. LOL!

At that point there is a small channel that runs from right to left (and vice versa). When there is an outgoing current you'll have the best luck. Out going tide will be water moving FROM the pier and not towards it from where you'll be standing. Good trout and flounder. Lots of oyster shell so keep it just off the bottom. Good Luck. CF?
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