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Go on, tell us your adventures!

We once leased property that Bear Creek ran through on what is now Texas 99 north of Katy. Dove hunting in September was pretty good one fall and back then, 3 wheelers were the good off road transportation.

Most of us were north of the creek, Val was making the rounds south. Somehow, the idea to "Jump the creek" came up rather than ride around to Stockdick Road and come back around. He backed off, came a running, might have got to third gear and was running WFO. As he approached the edge, he even made a little upward movement of his hips and legs to gain lift. Did not work...SPLAT...NEVER GAIN AN INCH OF LIFT...SMASHED right into the north wall of the creek bank...looked like Wiley Coyote in a Road Runner cartoon, except it was a live man.

We hustled over to the bank and looked down to see him laying on the bottom, 3 wheeler still putting, but a groan of OHHHHH MANNNN, we were trying to keep from laughing too hard. "Ya alright?"...."^)#( no, I ain't alright". :help: Finally got him and the bike out of there. Guess it was a good thing to be young and limber, cause it would be harsh on an older fella.
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