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This last weekend we had the opportunity to hunt at the Vick ranch. This ranch is located just north of Edna. I never knew that there were deer of that quality in that area. once we pulled off of the main highway we started seeing wildlife. We arrived at the ranch after about a 25 minutes. We were greated by Mr. Vick and the family. You could tell by their actions and hospitality that it was going to be a great weekend.
These guys were the most helpful bunch you could ask for. Definitely a class act in my book.My son and I were taken to a stand first thing Saturday morning Mr. Vick was our tour guide , we managed to see plenty of deer and we took a small spike buck. While we were in the stand he asked if Clifton was able to shoot and I responded that he did not have any experience with rifles. Brad told us that he would take care of that problem. After returning to the lodge Mr. Rhodes confronted me and asked he he could teach Clifton to shoot. Needless to say that evening clifton scored his first buck. The next morning he was able to get a big buck. I think he is hooked now!
If you want to carry your family to a great place to hunt and just relax you should really check into this. We are going to return in January to take my daughter to get her a deer also. The food was way above excellent and you never go hungry. Thanks again.


1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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