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The old 2coolfishing.net site?

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Back in the olden days of the internet (about a year or so ago) I seem to remember the previous 2coolfishing.net site having a photo gallery? Am I remembering correctly or was that some other board? Any thoughts on bringing something like that back?

Also, has there been any thought to creating another forum dedicated to boat/motor/trailer repairs? I know you can post anything on here and get a pretty good response, I was just curious.

In my opinion this board is first rate and I have really enjoyed becoming a member and adding my usually useless posts the discussion threads.

Props to Mont for giving us this board, and to the moderators for keeping us safe, as well as the members who work so hard to keep this thing going. Any of you guests out there feel free to jump on in the water's fine - no vibrio, rays, or sharks around here.

(Man I really need to get out and go fishing!)
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Hello, check http://www.2coolfishing.net/cgi-bin/gallery/imageFolio.cgi

I lost about 10 months of photos, collectively, ending about 5-21-04, but have most of them on a local disk, in archives. Without a doubt, some other TTMB folks have the rest saved locally.
Duh, how did I miss that! I've gotten so used to jumping straight into TTMB.

My bad.
Jeez, what a friggin mess....LMAO.... Nasty ol boat.....
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