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The most exciting 3 words in the english language

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The most exciting three words in the english language are "He is risen." The angle beside Jesus' open tomb spoke these words to the women who had come to anoint Jesus' dead body. The angel asked them why they were looking in a grave for someone who was alive. Jesus was no longer there! He is alive! He is risen! He lives forveremore. Surely those three days while Jesus lay in the tomb were filled with darkness. Jesus had died , and along with him seemed to go the dreams and hopes of so many. The women who came to anoint His body surley belived that the story was over. Perhaps a few of Jesus' followers remebered His words, "Three days later will rise" ( Mark 10:34 ). But most seem to have missed it somehow. When Jesus arrived among His followers after His resurrection, they were filled with joy! Can you picture it ? We serve a savior who died and rose again. Because He lives , we, too, will live forever. Join in ! Come on and celebrate the resurrectiom of our lord! Have a super day and God bless. Spotted Ape out.....................
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