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The Dune Seed Project for '05 @ Sam's Beach

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I have been getting several inquiries regarding putting additional Christmas trees on Sam's Beach and if it's going to happen for 2005. My answer is a resounding "yes!". Last year, several boards got involved and it was a great success. Since TOBA is trying to adopt Sam's Beach for the cleanups, and since there is already a thread there about this, how about we all chime in there with plans.



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Hey Mont come time for this, if I collect trees in San Antonio can I \ or would you want me to bring them down? Ive never done this so any input would help. Thanks................later,Dave
Dave, you put them in a trailer, show up on the beach with them, and I guarantee we will put them to good use. Date to be determined.
Cool good to know Mont. Ill see what I can do win the time comes for Christmas trees.......later,Dave
Dave, the best way to go about this when collecting trees is collect a whole bunch and tie them down in the trailer, and about 4 or 5 weeks later, we put them on the beach. That gives the trees time to outgas and easier to handle. Sea ya there, mi amigo.
Coolio, Lookin forward to doin this...............................later,Dave
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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