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The Don Coyote has relocated and is under new management...

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Now that it's official I thought I'd let the cat out of the bag and come clean. Yesterday I signed the paperwork and became the proud owner of a 23' Explorer that has a great history.

I do hearby swear to uphold the fishing ethics and antics that have been associated with this vessel. I promise not to potlick, crowd or overrun my fellow man while on the water to the best of my knowledge and ability. I also promise to leave my boat high and dry in an attemp to run shallower than tallest crab in the bay. So help me God.

Plaaaaay Baaaaall! Let's go fishing!

P.S. Good luck with your new boat Aubrey. Can I play "follow the leader" some time soon?


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Be it known throughout the land that I, ComeFrom?, being of sound mind and body :slimer: (?), do faithfully and dutifully acknowledge the execution of this transaction as valid and that the transfer of custody and responsibility of ownership of the vessel known (by many) as "Don Coyote" be taken by you from this day forward through hot and cold, wind and rain, lightning and tsunami, low and high tide, (red or brown) and that said vessel never emit the odor of live-bait for as long as you both shall live. You may kiss the GPS. So when can I come down? CF?
Bassfreeks said:
John, I've got a brand spanking new Haynie Big Foot in the mold as we speak. Did a lot of searching and visited numerous boat manufacturers before making my final decision. Come on down and I'll take you for a ride when I pick her up.
You're on. Let me know and I'll hit the road! You and James are going to have two of the best boats out there on the water. Does that sound like I'm kissing Haynie? It's my sinful nature. Something else I have to work on. At least disguising better. LOL!

What will happen to James' old boat? I wish I could buy it. I think the Taurus could pull it. Nevermind. I need a boat right now like I need a twenty pound pair of shoes! LOL! CF?
-JAW- said:
Capt. Black, do you have a name for the new boat yet . . . or are you going to have a 2Cool contest?

Let's see . . . Don Coyote II . . . Wiley Coyote . . . ??
Here a few:

Crab Scratcher

1:30 Today

JiSuHo (Jump in, Shut up, Hold on)

Naut Bad

Laguna Daze

Zydeco Zorro

Topwater Time

Karen's Money

Jurassic Ark

Juan Motime

Two-Foot Profit Margin

Buzz Cut Bottom

Baffin Banana

[email protected]

Lazy Buoy

M.T. Pockets

Sea Sun Ticket

Liquid Assets

Deep Bend

Seas The Bay

Recovery Room

Luna Sea

1 Toy 2 Many

Berth Control

Divorce Pending
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