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The Don Coyote has relocated and is under new management...

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Now that it's official I thought I'd let the cat out of the bag and come clean. Yesterday I signed the paperwork and became the proud owner of a 23' Explorer that has a great history.

I do hearby swear to uphold the fishing ethics and antics that have been associated with this vessel. I promise not to potlick, crowd or overrun my fellow man while on the water to the best of my knowledge and ability. I also promise to leave my boat high and dry in an attemp to run shallower than tallest crab in the bay. So help me God.

Plaaaaay Baaaaall! Let's go fishing!

P.S. Good luck with your new boat Aubrey. Can I play "follow the leader" some time soon?


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I know that Aubrey has been looking hard for a boat...

the past month or so. He's kind of been smitten by the speed bug so I'll be excited to see what he ends up with. Don't keep us in the dark too long Capt. Black. What will be your mistress of choice this time?

BTW, I'm on my way out the door to pick up the kids and I'm heading down South to splash her in for the inaugural ride. Tomorrow is shaping up to be smooth as glass. May the spirit of Capt. Sandifer and Capt. Black shine on us this weekend and fill our cooler with fish.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words...

I just got back last night from spending the weekend with her. I know I've got some big neoprene boots to fill and will one thing is for sure. This boat has always stood for two things...having a good time with friends/family and the promise of fish in the ice box and I will be keeping that tradition alive for many years to come.

ComeFrom?, you know you are welcome on the boat anytime. Let's talk soon about setting aside some time for you to come down and fish. BTW I especially like the boat name "Karen's Money" for Aubrey's new boat because we all know the truth about who really runs things around there.LOL:D
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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