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I needed to get away from all the Bull going on around here with the Post Ike. Got a little gas and time, so I shot out to Sargent to fish out of Mitchels Cut. Reports said "seas 2 to 3 foot". Well they were WRONG. My goodness what a mess I got myself into. I Got sick and almost sank & fliped my boat. Well made it back into the cut and limped back to safe waters and cleared out the bilge.
Now its time for some layed back fishing. I Freelined out a dead shrimp in East Matty and landed a 21" spec. I was exited after that, but that looked to be the highlight of the day. Around 1:00 pm I desided to run out to the old tripod in East Matty. On the way I found 3 guys stranded on the north shore of East Matty. I pulled them back to Sargent and used about all my fuel. I decided to go back to the location that I landed the speck because it was very near the ramp.

Well at 4:00pm. Cloudy Day, No Boats at all, No witnesses, just God and I, I had the best fishing of my life.
About 3 ft. over sand, hard outgoing tide on the line between muddy and green water I was landing Bull Red after Bull Red. I was trying to fish with 2 poles, with dead shrimp on one, and dead mullet on the other. It was very difficult to real in two poles at the same time. So I just went for the one that bent the most. I run 12 pound line so I had time to call people and tell them I wished they was here while the real was screaming.
I caught and let go 14 reds and kept a 26 and 27 incher before I ran out of bait.

What a day
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