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The Day Finaly Arrived

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I needed to get away from all the Bull going on around here with the Post Ike. Got a little gas and time, so I shot out to Sargent to fish out of Mitchels Cut. Reports said "seas 2 to 3 foot". Well they were WRONG. My goodness what a mess I got myself into. I Got sick and almost sank & fliped my boat. Well made it back into the cut and limped back to safe waters and cleared out the bilge.
Now its time for some layed back fishing. I Freelined out a dead shrimp in East Matty and landed a 21" spec. I was exited after that, but that looked to be the highlight of the day. Around 1:00 pm I desided to run out to the old tripod in East Matty. On the way I found 3 guys stranded on the north shore of East Matty. I pulled them back to Sargent and used about all my fuel. I decided to go back to the location that I landed the speck because it was very near the ramp.

Well at 4:00pm. Cloudy Day, No Boats at all, No witnesses, just God and I, I had the best fishing of my life.
About 3 ft. over sand, hard outgoing tide on the line between muddy and green water I was landing Bull Red after Bull Red. I was trying to fish with 2 poles, with dead shrimp on one, and dead mullet on the other. It was very difficult to real in two poles at the same time. So I just went for the one that bent the most. I run 12 pound line so I had time to call people and tell them I wished they was here while the real was screaming.
I caught and let go 14 reds and kept a 26 and 27 incher before I ran out of bait.

What a day
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Wow, what a day! I'm glad you caught some fish after all that. Kudos for towing those guys in. :smile:
Good carma man! It always comes back around.
Way to go!

You are surely perseverant. Glad you made it safely in and were able to help others as well. Nice to get into them like you did.

Very few boater now a days lend a hand, and you did and were paid back for it...congrats on a great day.
Good for you helping those guys out and sticking it out long enough to "get a bite on."

Thanks for sharing- Curtiss
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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