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I agree with you Bigwater!

This possibility is what I've had on my mind all day.
I just watched the 5 pm advisory and no one's sure what's going to happen.
When Mont called me to check up on me Wednesday he mentioned a "front" coming through Texas. I told him that if this was a cold front or high pressure system it would be a blessing for Texas. That's because those wonderful weather items will push away a storm. Sometimes when a storm has to deal with that kind of front it ends up torn apart.
Our 5 pm advisory said the Ivan is caught betwen two high pressure systems. One wants to push it to the east and the other to the west. The hurricane center said Ivan may have completely lost control of steering the closer it gets near Florida. There is a trough in position in North Florida but they don't know yet how that will effect Ivan. (Many more days of listening to reports from the Hurricane Center and looking at the visible images online I should become an authority.
Someone asked in a post to Mont how many hurricanes I've "sat out". Well, I've lived in Miami 50 yrs. I'll do a little research and find out how many hurricanes came through here that we elected to "sit out".
Keep your eye on the weather Bigwater and pray this doesn't end up in Texas.
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