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Zoomed out of Fat Boy's Friday morning, hoping to find the birds and further test my hot new baits, the Australian Prawn Stars.

Pretty much a bust. No birds. Anywhere. I flailed away at the water north of the Causeway for an hour, catching one dink trout on the Prawn Star. I then went south, fishing some skinny water near North Deer Island. There I caught a nice 24-inch Red, on a live shrimp/popping cork, not a Prawn.

Back north of the Causeway, I cruised around on the near-flat bay, looking for something, anything.

Then I saw a group of boats, all in a line, anchored out from the Texas City Turning Basin. I joined the little armada and noticed a big hump showing up on my depth finder: a reef. I anchored up and started fishing.

The short of it is, I, in typical fashion, apparently got in on the back end of a pretty big bite. Quite a few bended rods. The older couple near me said, as they pulled out, "we nearly got our limit anyway". Earlier, I saw the old man catch what I would call a sow- maybe six pounds. The tide had quit moving, and bite was over. I did manage to catch three specks there- two of them being nice-sized keepers. But on live shrimp- not my highly-prized Prawn Stars.

BTW, that reef is not marked on my Top Spot map. I did mark it on my GPS.

Beautiful, low wind day. Blessed to be out there. Maybe next time, you little Australian bugs.
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