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hi guys
i was reading "ole timers sheep rod".
well lets go back say 5o yrs to st augustine fla at about the time that the volano jettys were const.
we had to crawl out to at least mid way to get to good fishing, i being a young man that was no big deal, we caught sheeps up to #12- even have seen then 14 plus lota yrs ago, we would first go and get our bait"fidler crabs" another story another day. now we had our bait.
the rod that we used was a calcutta kane appropx lenghth 12 ft possibl 10 foot. the way it was rigged was as follows, in those days you could buy a rod tip that was completly round it was not shapped the way they are now.we installed the tip much like today only difference was we used pine sap, we heated the tip so we could melt the sap into the tube on the kane, next we took about 6 to 8 ft of heavy line and tied it about half way down the kane the we would twist the line up the kane to the tip, at this point we would tie the line to the kane this would prevent the line from unwinding on the kane, then we run the line through the tip, now we would tale a length of piano wire at this point we would twist a loop in the wire then we woiuld tie the same loop in the line run the wire thru the line loop then cut the wire about 18 to 20 inches from the bottom of the kane, next take a nice shirt button, put on the slide sinker(which we poured ourselves) now take the button and insert the wire thru one hole then thru the next hole, this would prvent the sinker sliding down to the hook, now put the hook on and twist the piano wire and you was ready to fish between the boulders that you was on top of just drop it down into any hole to find mr sheep, we carried a crooker sack with us to put the sheep into for good keeping. this was a way for us to help feed the family as well as get some cash. back then i want to say we recieved 10 to 15 cent per pound.
but it was not hard to catch 100 lbs of sheep per day back then the only prob was to get them back to the beach buggy so we could take them to mkt.
now consider 10 fish at 8 to 10 lbs you have a 100 lbs plus cause all we had to do was catch 20 sheep and you had dinner plus you had $10.00 bucks.
back then$ 10.00 bucks was a lot movies was 9 cent gas was 15 to 18 cent a gallon, and a beach buggy could be built for $150.00.
i can rember me and my buddy at 14 taking the beach buggy to the beach for a day sheep fishing so we could get spending cash and being able to give his mom $8 to 10 bucks for grocries,
just a little trip down memory lane.
part 2
todays billystix sheep head custom sheep pole?
coming soon.
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