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Well we did our Thanksgiving hunt again this year with the boys out of school for a week, my wife and I took vacation and we all headed to our lease in Sonora.
It was a good week but not a great week for buck movement.
There must be something the deer are still eating (like acorns) because we hardly saw anything coming to feeders.
I set 5 different hunts and never saw a deer one...
Thats never happened on this lease to me before.
Other hunters were having the same problems.
My oldest boy and I have trophy rights this year.
He has been hunting with my wife and the youngest with me.
As you may recall last year my youngest killed a really big 9 pnt so he has to cull buck hunt this year along with doe and turkey.
The rut was just getting started and seems to stall if you ask me.
My wife and oldest boy were on stand one evening and not too much.
I was about 1/2 mile away with the youngest not seeing much at all, like nothing by 5:30.
Then all of a sudden I hear a shot in her direction and my boy sends a text to them.
Yes, she replied my oldest shot at a big Ten pnt.
I cant stand it and call her on the cell phone.
She says he didnt act like he was hit and they would go look for blood.
I said I would be right there within 5 minutes, by four wheeler.
I get there and they are looking for sign as I drive up.
"He was right here Daddy" my oldest says.
"I was solid and had the cross hairs right on him"
Well we can find no sign of a hit...
I then lean down about deer high and look back at the blind.
I then spot a mesquite sapling than has a yellow spot on it, as in missing bark.
Look at that tree, I say, looks like thats your trophy....
My boy and I were sick. He made a great shot into the sapling.
Next morning I decide to go to the same blind as my boy wanted to go somewhere else with momma.
About 7:15 I see movement and its the big ten. I let him come a little closer and he is focused on the blind. I put the crosshairs of my 7 mag on him and squeeze the trigger.
BBD.......Hes not my biggest buck but he is a good buck for our lease and the biggest I've shot in about 5 years...
I know what he scores, now you tell me.....
Heres a hint, his beams are 19.5".
My wife did her part and took a nice doe and my youngest missed his doe..need more practice.
Note the sapling behind my left shoulder with the missing bark, the deer came into the same spot when I shot him.


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Sounds like you guys had a great time. Nice buck too! I would guess 124 on score. Our rut just south of Sonora was full on, and should hold this week with the cold weather.
Congrats again. O, and the tree hit? ben there, done that!

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Nice deer Ray. Glad yall had a good trip.

I can barely score em when there in my hands, I dont do the picture thing.

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I'm about 40 miles east of you and were having the same problem with low numbers. Sat in the stand every day from 6 to 10 am and from 230 to dark from Sunday to Saturday last week and saw 12 deer.
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