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I just wanted to post a public thanks to Wendell (catfish)!! He has taken time both on the phone and via email and answered countless questions for me with great patience! If any of you guys (and Gals) here dont do business with him, I really strongly suggest that ya give him a try!!


Great Guy! Thanks Wendell

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Hey Drew,
Welcome to the board. I have bought from Wendell too, and have nothing but praise for the way he takes care of his customers. I didn't notice you were a new member earlier when I looked at this message the first time. We get a few folks in from the TTMB (Totally Texas Message Board) and I often forget to look at the number of posts to ensure new folks get welcomed properly. There are plenty of catmen with many years worth of experience right here on this very board. Pull up a chair, kick back and enjoy....

Tom T
AKA Hawkeye

Welcome to the House of Catfish,bro.
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