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What are the odds. It was a 2cooler that found my brother. I want to let him know that I will pm him. I also want to thank everyone for their prayers and condolences. I had chills reading all the replies. I will be laying him to rest saturday in liberty, his home town. I did set up a memorial account for him to help with the funeral. He didn't have much but he did work to make a living. I could write all day but I'll make it short. Again I want to thank everyone again for all the replies and this let's everyone know that people do care.
Bridge City State Bank
P.O. Box 887
Bridge City, Tx. 77611
Acct# 123699-06

I've posted an old pic of him. I'll update later. Because we all know "this post ain't **** without Pics"
Any questions and you can pm me.


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