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Thank You Reliant!

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I should never complain about an electric bill again. We lost power Friday night at 11:33pm in Richmond off 2218 and Powerline Rd area. Luckly Thursday night my buddy Bubba's boss has 4 new 12k Generator/Welder machines and we went to Sealy to pick one up for me. Thanks RA. We fired up the generator all Friday night and Sat morning. We got lucky with minimal damage. Saturday evening I was on the way to pick up my buddies travel trailer in Katy when my buddy called and we got power back on around 5pm Sat. Guess its good to live next to Powerline Rd. We were told days to weeks for the power. But to get it back on the day of the Hurricane is OUTSTANDING! Thanks Reliant!
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Geez, it's only been 2 days and you guys are already whining about being without power? Just be thankful this wasn't Katrina......we were out almost 7 weeks.
Marshman said:
Saltshaker, where were you for 2005 storms? I had a place in Hackberry, we were on generators for until well into duck season for Rita ( Sept 23 was when it hit). At least this time we only got high water, the winds didn't destroy everything.MM
Marsh, I lived in Washington Parish when Katrina hit. We had no water but we lost 90% of the timber stand.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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