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F.Y.I. the Texas lic. have changed this year and there is some confusion, that
can be avoided.

first , a super combo is for all texas waters, you don't have to specify and still does not include a federal duck stamp. it did go up $5..........to $64
there is no more blackpowder or rainbow trout stamp on it.

if you dont hunt, then the fishing lic. is split basically 3 ways now

fresh , salt and all waters these are avail for seniors, same type , reduced rate.

there is a whole bunch of short term stuff avail now that doesnt affect most people on this board

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There is also a disabled Vet license. To qualify, a vet must have a service connected disability of the loss of a leg, foot, hand, arm, or a overall service connected disability rating of 60% or more by the VA and be drawing compensation for said disability.
The license is free and has all the tags that a super combo has.
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