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Had my nephew call me yesterday and he said "Uncle John will you take us fishing? Dad has taken us every night this week and we only caught some catfish. Please!!!" What can say to that? Loaded up after work and hauled 4 kids 7 - 14 years young out to the spot. We had a blast! The 14 year old didn't want to use anything but arties so i tied on a Roach BA and handed him a pole. First cast he smacked a 20" trout! "WOW UNCLE JOHN! This is the biggest fish I have ever seen! hehehee...The look on his face! The others got rigged up with live shrimp with a little split shot and it was on! Those kids were jumping up and down in the boat hollering and screaming having the time of their life! A boat that was nearby even left because of the racket I guess. We ended the night at 10:30pm with 32 trout to 23" all caught on shrimp and Roach BA's.

Sorry GSMAN...No pics. I left the camera in the office on my desk.

Those kids will remember that fishing trip for the rest of their lives. I can hear them now telling their kids about the night they went to the Texas City "Honey Hole!"

BTW....I kept more than 5 and loved every minute of it!
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