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Texas City Dike 7/27/2006

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Went out to the dike last night to fish under the lights. Pulled in this nice 28" trout that everyone I was fishing with thought would make the leaderboard in the Star Tournament Upper Coast division. Two scales showed it weighing between 8lbs and 9 lbs.

Too bad she was only 7lbs even on the official scales. The pictures will never do it justice.I really should have gotten some pics before I iced it down. This was a FAT trout. I thought I had a decent sized redfish when I hooked it.
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That's a hell of a fish there.

Congrats on that suzie.
loos like a foosball. Faaat.
Nice Catch!
what was the bait of choice im goin tomorrow night
Small live shrimp near the bottom. I use a slip-cork rig. I was fishing it 7ft down in about 8ft of water.

how do u rig a slip cork?
super nice .wallmounter? i know i would.congradulations.
jake67 said:
how do u rig a slip cork?
This is what you need: (all can be found at Academy)

Bobber Stoppers

Unweighted, Slotted Foam Float (3" in think)

1/2 oz egg weight

Barrel Swivel

18" 20-30lb leader

#6 treble hook

Slide the little tube with the string onto your main line and then pull the string off off the tube and pull it tight. Make sure you pull the tube off of the line before continuing. Then you put the small bead. Next you take the slotted cigar float and remove the pegs. Slide the first peg onto your line and thenplace it back onto the float. Pull the line through the slot and then place the other peg on the line. Insert the next peg. Your float should now slide up and down the line until it hits the stopperand bead. Now put your 1/2oz egg weight and tie on your swivel. Attatch your leader and hook next. You now adjust the stopper to your deired depth. When in the water your float should stand straight up. If it is on its side, you are probably fishing too deep and are getting hung up on the bottom.

Hope this helps.

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Now that's what I like to see, congrats and thanks for the info.
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