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tell me what you think

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Tell me what you think and, be honest.


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The EP fibers are unlike any other fiber I have ever tied with. with 90% of the other fibers, the fiber lays down when wet. with ep fiber, what you see dry is how it looks in the water. The fiber is a dry fiber ...." doesn't absorb water at all." This makes it easy to cast and light. the ep fiber sinks fast with little weight at all. the EP trout is about 5 inches long and the shrimp is about 3 inches long. I have found that they are both r easy to put out to the 80' mark. the shrimp sinks at about .75' per second and the the trout, about .5 feet per second.

I haven't had a chance to fish the shrimp much but, the trout is a fish killer! The skip jacks love it. I landed 5 in 5 cast, first time out. I ended up with 14 fish total on 1 fly and then, got cut off and it was over.

SSP, mabe some time this week you and I can go to lunch and I can give you the flys I have for you to test out for me. being as I can't get out in the surf! LOL!
I made a video on, how to make the shrimp fly. Watch it and tell me what you think. you can find it by searching for "Minter Shrimp Fly" or "twitchtwitchreel"

Hope it is easy enough to follow.

More to come later :)
what going on!

knuttdeep said:
Met You at Bass Pro couple a weeks ago and you showed me those.

I'd buy 'em in a second.!
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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