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Over the last week or so the THRC website has been up and down. Originally it was down because the server that was hosting it was de-commisioned and the site was not re loaded to the new server.
That peice was taken care of on Tuesday and then it went down again on Thursday. I thought it was still a server issue.
It appears that the domain expired and I was not notified. When it expired, someone immediately bought it. I may still have recourse to get it back and I am working on it.

I did purchase a new domain called thrc18.com I have pointed the server to it and it should be up around Monday or so.

I plan on making the website very informative about the Houston area 18th. scale scene. I have lots of data I have not loaded to the site yet. The main page can link you to all the local forums, tracks, shops etc.
The teamhouston forum is still running and is payed for, for another year. All of this will stay around for the long run. THRC is kind of like M&M. As the others come and go, there always there. It may not be used from time to time, but it won't go away either. lol
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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