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Team Happy Hookers 7/30-8/2 fishin report

Day One was started off with a trip to the honey hole where 3 nice 26 inch reds were picked up. Then we motored over to the second honey hole and caught at least 30 dink trout and a couple rat reds and small flounder. That was pretty much it for the day.

Day two was started off late because over over sleeping till 7:15 and we couldn't find bait anywhere. Finally got some shrimp and hit the honey hole and we could only catch small reds. Then we went to the second honey hole and I started throwing a rattle trap and Zach was catchin some finger mullet, Next thing I know I'm hooked up with a good fish get him to the boat and its a 19 inch flounder. start throwin again and get another 17 inch flounder. Zach starts to get angry so he takes a big hunk of mullet and throws it out on his curado. Well I start throwin again and didn't hook a fish for awhile then I look at zach before I cast and say I wonder what will happen if I reel in a little slower and I cast and in a matter of seconds of reeling I hook up Zach starts thinking I am Physcho I get the fish in and its a nice 19 inch speck. Well about a hour goes by with only a couple hook ups that were lost. Then zach Starts to reel in the rod with the mullet and thinks hes snagged. He starts trying to get it unstuck and all of a sudden his reel starts singing. He then says pull anchor and get back here and drive. We switch spots and I fire up the engine and by now zach has about 20 yards left and I open it up and the chase was on well we chased it down for awhile and he stoped. Zach starts gaining on him and he starts crankin him in and well the fish didn't like it. So the fish takes off again by now we are about a mile away from where he was hooked. We were both thinking that it was a good bull red. The fish stops and now zach is really wenching him up. Well we gets about 15 foot from the boat and takes off again! We chase him down and now he stoped Zach thinks he has him tired out now and a hour and a half after hooking him we see the biggest black drum ever. Zach was using 15 pound test! We spend 10 minutes trying to figure how to get him in the boat well after a couple trys he was in the boat. He weighed in at 56.7 pounds and was 63 inches long this thing was huge! we spend a little time reviving him and he was off. Then I spent the next 20 minutes yelling at zach for not buying a camera at Academy when we were there! well we go to out other 4 honey holes and get a couple more flounder and some more rat reds. Then we went home and rested up.

Decided to stay home sunday and put a couple more things on the boat.

On Monday we went to all the honey holes and picked up a couple redfish and a 5 lb sheepy and that was it for the rest of the day until we are going across Galveston Bay and mullet is everywhere jumping around. We stop and look around and they are huge black tips going Airborne 5-6 footers. We take the calcutta and freeline a lady fish and zach hooks up with one that runs for 5 seconds and take about 30 yards and is gone he bit the bait right behind the bait. We start cutting mullet up and chumming and getting the water bloody then they are next to the boat but still couldn't hook up but it was awsome to watch!

That was it for our fishing trip. It would have been awsome to have been at POC but we had a great Time fishing good ol' Galv. Bay.

And we now have a water proof camera so some pics will be posted up of future reports!
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