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we had our homeowners insurance send us a letter uncertified..3 days after the storms hit last week..stating they are canceling our policy..something about waiver not signed...we bought the insurance because it HAD w/h coverage..now the policy will end 6/30/06...policy only 1 month old!! we didn't even call to make a claim.....
question...do we need to have a roofer look at the roof before we get switched to TDI? we have a 2 story on no ladder to get up that high..plus they might want a professional to look and I would like to know also..don't plan to make a claim but if we get cancelled why not? any advise anyone? will TDI send anyone to look before we're forced sign on? only thing is can they (TDI) get anyone out before the policy we have cancels?
I'm lost here...
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