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Headed down to Texas City to fish the new pier down there. I am not sure how new it is, but I have never seen it before, so its at least new to me. Got there Friday evening around 6:30p... CLOSED!! No reason listed, just closed.. Water looked great, not rough, good color, a little windy.. But closed!!! So we headed over to Texas City Dike and headed down about 1.5 miles. Tossed out Dead Shrimp and a few fresh crab. Immediatly we were catching little fish.. (Whiting, Croaker, Sand Trout, Ribbon Fish, Mackeral, etc..) All pretty small. LOTS OF THEM. You couldnt keep a line in the water 30 seconds.. After about 10 minutes, my buddy Matt hooks up with a nice Black Drum on his trout rod. Fish went 7 pounds and was a promising start to the trip.. After a couple hours of catching the small fish, I get a nice bite on my small tackle... He takes a good amount of line, then I get him in, then he takes a few more.. After about 5 minutes I get him in.. a realy really nice Gaftop. BUT I failed to sign up for the STAR tournament!!. I knew he would be close to the lead. Weighed him on my scale at between 8.25 - 8.5 pounds. I found out that the lead is justover 9. # I was kicking my self for not signing up.. I would have been in at least 2nd in Gaftop division. Long story short from here out.. We headed over to SeaWolf park.. fished till 6am.. and never saw a fish larger than 8 inches long caught. There were thousands of fish caught.. But all very small. The water was loaded and boiling with Bait Fish, but no one caught anything differently than we did.. Not one speck seen the whole night.. Headed to the beachfront early Sat AM.. and WOW.. the water we tore up!! There were huge breakers over 1000 yards out.. Only time I have ever seen that there was just before a Hurricane.. It was ugly.. So we packed it up and headed home...
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