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TC City wade

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I was thinking of hitting the dike for a morning wade bny mosquito island. I wouldn't mind hitting slp but its a little far. Anyone else going?? I will be in 06 green silverado.
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avoid mosquito island, to many jerks out there. Fished there this morning nothing was biting fished the leve by the rocks got trout action.
Every time I go there is always somebody cutting off my wade, boaters motoring in to close and yakkers following me around. I understand there is limited space but what happened to common curtesy. If im catching fish I will motion for a close wader to come over but don't come and crowd me out. I think the levee is the place for me to go fish from now on.
Night Trout said:
I will motion for a close wader to come over but don't come and crowd me out.
lol dont wanna try to start nothing but dont tell a wader to come over when ur catching just ingore them
oh now. Can't we all just get along. Be kind to thy neighbor,cause he might become your bro-in-law.
Its all about catching fish, if I can aid someones fishing trip to make it better then why shouldn't I.
If you can get around all the beer cans and trash mosquito island isn't a bad place to fish it just gets very crowded and the weekend. On the weekends though i would venture to say taht probably only one quarter of the people are actually fishing, most of them are just sitting there drinking beer with their 1000s of unsupervised kids!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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