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Tanzania Part 1- Tigerfish in the Bush

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I was fortunate to be able to spend six days in the Nyerere National Park a couple weeks ago fishing for Tigerfish. The park is amazing, and I didn't see another person (other than the camp staff, of which there were 12 just for me) the entire time. The government is trying to promote sportfishing, so they assigned a park ranger to spend the week with me making sure nothing happened. There wasn't any danger from humans, but you had to be careful of crocs and I was rarely less more than 20 yards from Hippos. What an awesome place. Below are a few pics. If you are interested in the more detailed report, it can be found here: A fishing report on fishing for Tigerfish, Yellowfish, and Catfish in Tanzania

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cool beans right there. is that a warthog head?? huge
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What were you using for lures/bait?
I put a lot of that specific info in the longer report in the link if you are interested, but most of the biggest Tigerfish (and many of other fish including catfish) were caught on spoons cast to breaks in the current.
cool beans right there. is that a warthog head?? huge
It's a Hippo. Saw some Warthogs but none had heads that big.
Too awesome to find this article. My youngest is in Tanzania right now on a mission trip. Thank you for sharing!!!
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