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One of the great things about this job is the people I get to meet. Every day I meet some of the finest folks on the face of this earth and have the oppportunity to fish with them and share what little I know about this sport.

Yesterday was no exception. As many of you know, I am a huge sports fan. Basketball, and football are my 2 favorites and while I may never win a Trivial Pursuit game about sports, I do pride myself on knowing a little about the history of the games.

I had the great privilege of fishing with Mr. Henry Sheppard and Justin. Henry is a Cuero native that played his college ball at SMU and went on to a 7 year career with the Cleveland Browns as an offensive tackle.

We started out wadefishing this day but after I started learning more and more about the man, we changed to drift fishing so I could hear more of his fascinating insider's look at pro football.

I'm sure he was getting tired of my inquisitiveness by the time the day was over. Of course the howling southeast winds we faced all day didn't help matters much either.

As I stated, we started out wadefishing near some rocks and Henry drew first blood with a 15"er on a pink Skitterwalk soon into our wade.

Justin hung a couple of small trout on a limetreuce assassin underneath a Cajun Thunder popping cork. And I managed one 18" trout on rootbeer/ red flake assassin. Action was steady but no size to the fish so we moved on to our next stop.

We headed for some rocks in open water but soon into the drift, I realized that the winds had made this area too rough to fish so we headed for more protected waters along the south shoreline.

We eased up to some rocks and immeadiately, slicks began popping up everywhere. Henry immeadiately hooked up on a solid 20"er on a morning glory assassin and things were looking up. Several more dinks later and we circled around for another drift. At the same area where we saw all the slicks on the previous drift, Henry set the hook hard on a strong fish. He suspected a redfish but I noticed the fish had come to the surface a couple of times and I thought it just might be a good trout.

The fish stayed down and my view was blocked by Henry but the suddenly excited voice of the big man conveyed that my initial suspicions were correct. He had himself a fat girl.

He fought the big fish expertly and I eased the big girl into the net and just like that, Henry had the fish of the day and as he said, quite possibly his personal best.

The winds have been blowing for the past 10 days and the waters have muddied even more and fishing with artificials has become a little difficult. There has been a small window early in the mornings before the winds really start howling where topwaters and rattling subsurface baits are doing well. But, as a general rule, the folks fishing with croakers are doing quite well.

Don't forget to practice conservation so our kids and grandkids will be able to enjoy what we enjoy. Just keep 5. Later, Aubrey


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Sure hope that wind lays and the water settles for June 6, the pic almost looks like Trinity bay water...LOL... Oh, and please stay away from my favorite rock till I get there...LMAO
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