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2 surgeons were out deer hunting, they got tired and sat on a log and started BSing. soon they got to arguing about which one was the best surgeon. they couldn't settle that argument so one surgeon-an ENT says: see that owl taking a nap up in that tree-watch this. so he very quietly shinnies up the tree and performs a tonsillectomy on that sleeping owl without waking him up. climbs back down the tree and tells the other surgeon-a urologist- "what do you think about that". He has to agree that was pretty good so he says "well watch this".
He also quietly shinnies up the tree, castrates the owl with out waking it up, eases down the tree and asks the other surgeon 'how was that". they kept arguing and never could decide who was the better surgeon of the two.

couple days later the owl was flying around with his buddy. they were looking for a tree to take a nap in. the buddy owl says " lets go nap in that old dead tree over there".
The other owl says "well, I just don't know about that tree. I took a nap over there the other day and when I woke up I couldn't hoot worth a *****, and couldn't ***** worth a hoot.
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