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Has anyone pulled a 22 ft blue wave tunnel hull with a v6 prerunner. I like the boat, but unsure about yankin it out of the water. Maybe a couple 45lb barbells over the rear axle. I would store it in POC and then a short drive to the public ramp. Easy enuf, right. Heres the details:
  • 2002 prerunner automatic v6 2wd with 70r16 tires and locking differential button and no tow package (3500lbs max)
  • 2003 22ft blue wave tunnel w/ yama hpdi 200, tandem aluminum trailer (i estimate 2600-2700lbs w/ gas,gear)
Cant afford a big truck and a real offshore boat and i dont like the smell of tacoma clutch so early in the morning. Need some input. Thanks.
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