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Sweet Gum Wood

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Awhile back there was a thread about using gun wood for turning. If anyone in the Baytown/Mont Belvieu area is interested in some of this wood PM me. It's stacked by the road, (pic). Also have some large cedar down.


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I have some clean straight Black Hickory down on the sides of our streets in our neighborhood - 120 year old tree blown down by IKE. Some pieces over 4-ft in diameter.

HICKORY Distribution S. Eastern Canada and Eastern USA. Other names pignut hickory, mockernut hickory, shellback hickory, shagbark hickory, red or white hickory. Colour is reddish brown (heartwood) and white (sapwood) Weight average 820 kg/m3 (51lb ft3) SG = 0.82 High bending strength and good shock resistance. Dries rapidly with shrinkage, difficult to work with and blunting of cutting edges is high. Uses include Hammer & Pick handles many other uses where high shock strength is important.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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