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I apologize for taking up so much space, but all I was trying to do was get the picture of our luxury property on line for ÿ'all to see it. Send me an E-Mail at [email protected] for further details

Hey, Linda and I haven't said anything yet to anyone about this until now because we wanted

to wait until things were final. We just purchased a one-bedroom condo near Hanalei bay in Oahu, Hawaii, as
an investment property. Escrow finally closed this week and I thought you
should know, in case anyone is interested in accommodations for an
upcoming getaway to the Islands. It's available for weekends or on a
weekly basis. For now, I'll be handling bookings until I can find an

Weekends will cost about $100 for 3-nights and $250 for the week. These
prices are for friends and family. Prices will be a bit different for
people I don't know but can be discussed on an individual basis.

In any case, it's a one-bedroom, high rise unit that overlooks the ocean,
nestled among lush greens, and has a beautiful ocean view from every

I've included a photo. Let me know if you're interested.

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