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surfside report 8-4

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Met up w/2coolers reeleasy, & dallasrick, for a last minute trip on Sat. Left at 0900, & raced out to a-19 rig. Stopped on a few shrimpers, but couldn't pull anything off the boats. Headed on looking for good weedlines, & never found any. Nice blue water at 30 miles, & finally made it to a-19. A few boats on it, we trolled first, but nothing. Aaron sent down a jig, & picked up a nice AJ. Aaron also picked up some nice blue runners for bait, which was sent down for a grouper, or whatever. Picked up another AJ. Headed on to the a-28 reef, & as we trolled the area first, the Big E, potlucked us, dropped anchor, & then the a mate shined us a moon. Gave us some ****, like it was there spot, as we fished just off their anchor line on another spot. We picked up a few snaps, beeliners, & 1 Mangrove. Thanks to my crew for a quick trip, hope we can tear em up next time. Aloha for now!


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Wade, thanks again, was a great day fishing with you and Erin, and I love that back seat on your boat, didnt really slept, but got to lay down and relax while running from spot to spot, for some reason, my back got a lil sore today.got home tonight and my nutjob of a dog went balistic to see me, must of thought I ran off and left his little butt for good, LOL. gonna have some grilled AJ for dinner tomorrow, and thanks again Wade, had a great time. .
Sounds like y'all had a great trip. I had one of the smaller boats from Capt Elliotts do the same to me this year but he was nice enough to call me on the radio and tell that he was gona do it as he was pulling up LOL. Thanks for the report and pictures.
Wade, I thought I saw your boat (tell tale black trim Robalo)heading to the A28 reef. We had picked up several snapper and decided to head to the 25s and West 27s when I spotted your boat. I was in a good friend of mine's Grady (Woody7). We had a similar day with limit of snapps X 5 and a bunch of beeliners and a couple of kings. Man the water was blue! I almost forgot what cobalt blue looked like. Good days are upon us.
See you out on the Big Blue.
Nice day on the water Wade. Thanks for the invite, but my rear was working all day. Wish I could have been there...........I've got the next three days off if you need a deck hand, let me know.
next time jsut dump a big bottle of hair conditioner or shampoo up current from them.. LOL!! Sounds like yall had a fun trip!
Wade, I want to thank you again as I had a wonderful time out with you and Rick. It's always a pleasure to meet people who can enjoy great times on the water and exchange some interesting stories, that's what memories are made of. Looking forward for next time. Talk to you soon

I was on the Big E when this all happened. I overheard the deckhands talking about mooning you guys, I didn't think they had actually done it. Funny how they think they can avoid people from seeing them anchor, or how they think no one else knows about those spots. We didn't do very well on that spot and the captain left just as some Mahi started coming around. It happens that way every year.
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