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Didn't fish today, but family and I stopped by the Surfside Jetty. We were there from 4 pm- 7pm. Walked out to the end and watched others fish. Had about 8 fishermen there all throwing piggies 5-8 ft under cork, and freelined. Saw 2 nice trout, best one caught looked to be 21", one 28" red caught too. Not alot of action there. As good as I did all day long yesterday though, LOL. Walking back a short distance from the end, a large fin appeared along the rocks. Put one man up on top of the jetty, I thought Dolphin at first, cause we had been watching some way off the jetty, but no, second glance showed to be a shark, apparently a pretty big one, never got to identify it though. Water coming out of the jetty (channel side) is very muddy. Water on the Surfside/gulf side was beautiful green and relitively smooth, just big rollers coming in. Also watched an ole boy catch a ray about 3 ft across. He had fun bringin' that dude up.
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